HER Scholar Application

I Am H.E.R. honors young leaders’ unwavering commitment to making the world a better place for every girl, everywhere. In its first year, the HER Scholar will support 5 members from our HER Crew community as they pursue higher education by awarding $500 to each recipient.  Applications are now open for the graduating class of 2022.


Who can apply? Girls pursuing post-secondary education who come from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to apply. In it's first year, HER Scholar will be awarded to those from the Regina, SK community. Next year, we will open up our borders to those living outside of Regina. 

When is the deadline? June 17, 2022 11:59 pm CNT

Can I have a deadline extension? Unfortunately, due to the high number of applications, we are unable to offer scholarship extension deadlines.

What does the application consist of? One video essay answering the following prompts:

  1. Describe the community you grew up in and how it influenced you, your upbringing, values, experiences, and educational aspirations. What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome? 
  2. Describe your post-secondary plans
  3. Describe how this scholarship will help advance your personal, professional and/or academic career goals?
  4. One letter of recommendation from instructor, mentor, coach, etc. and NOT a family member
  5. Biographical and demographic information

What tips do you have for applicants? While there is no one perfect applicant, we highly encourage you to take the following steps:

  1. Be sure to answer the prompts in your video
  2. Be yourself! I Am H.E.R. is a big fan of girl leaders who are their true authentic self. We’re not looking for an A+ star student but rather the leader who brings her full self and has a vision.

How will be application be evaluated? Evaluation and selection criteria will be weighted for a competitive and fair evaluation. Selection criteria will include:

  1. Demonstrated commitment to pursuing post-secondary education
  2. Leadership potential
  3. Community involvement and school activities
  4. Educational and career goals and challenges
  5. Applicant’s background (e.g. financial need, first-gen, disabilities, etc.)
  6. Letter of recommendation from an instructor, mentor, etc. and not a family member

When will applicants be notified? Students should expect to receive a status of their application by June 24, 2022.

When will scholarship funds be disbursed? Students should expect scholarship funds to be disbursed for payment for their Grad Ceremony, June 2022. 

Do you have to submit all together? Can you submit the video first and then the letter? You must submit all required documents at the same time when applying.

How do I submit my application? Email ALL parts of the application to info@iamher.ca In the subject line, have your first and last name and "HER Scholar App" (Ex: Kam Bahia-HER Scholar App)

What if I made a mistake in the application? For any technical support in the application, please email info@iamher.ca 

What does a letter of recommendation need to include? Letters of recommendation should highlight the applicant’s demonstrated commitment to education, leadership potential, community involvement and school activities, educational and career goals and challenges and/or anything else we should know about the applicant.

What if I have more questions? Reach out to us below and we get back to you soon.