Meet H.E.R. Crew

Hello, my beautiful friend...

Thank you for sharing your time with me. This movement wouldn’t be possible without girls like you showing up to our workshops and sharing your own vulnerability. For that, I am so grateful! 

​Growing up, my father always reiterated the following, “present choices determine future rewards”. One choice you didn’t have was that moment you came into this world; which we call life. It was evident, on that day and that moment, you were fearfully and wonderfully created; made in the image of beauty and light, nothing less. All of us who are able to spend this time with you, who know you, who love you, are rewarded. The world is better because you!

Along the way came life changing events.  You may remember falling off your scooter, stains on your birthday dress, you asked for an omelette, you got scrambled – traumatic events, or so they seemed at that time. On the other hand, you may have experienced some events that shook your entire world. Maybe you lost someone close to you, experienced heartbreak, have fallen sick, or feel like some days the world is just crashing down on you. We face challenges that are mole hills, mountains, or even possibly, a simple school zone speed bump. However, you survived it! Although this mountain or speed bump in life may have slowed you down, you kept moving forward. How you respond to these adversities in life essentially shape and form the person you will be. 

You are here and you have persevered through those mole hills, mountains, and speed bumps. You are a beautiful person, destined for shaping the world around you. As you evolve, you will continue to face challenges; some which may seem insurmountable. It is during those times you will be faced with a choice; will you stop at the speed bumps, or will you slow down, but keep moving forward?

I think I know the answer………After all, you are H.E.R.

With all my love, 

Kam Bahia

Founder, I Am H.E.R.

HER Crew

Chelsea Petterson

Desiree Ates

Brit Dort

Mia Olson

Kiah Holness

Stacey Laing