Who is H.E.R.?

We believe that girls need girls, and sometimes, we just need a chance to get together and talk about the things that really matter. I Am H.E.R. consists of various programs that have a mission to unite girls in their schools and communities, inspire authentic confidence, and encourage these girls to be HOPEFUL, to know they are fully qualified and EQUIPPED to chase their dreams, and to build RESILIENCE

Our core values are teaching and inspiring authentic confidence in female identifying youth. Our Crew Mentors will encourage our participants to be HOPEFUL, to know they are fully EQUIPPED to chase their dreams, and to help foster a RESILIENT mindset. 

I am H.E.R. is an ambassador and represents a community of girls wanting to make the world a better place. 

I had the pleasure of coming to H.E.R.... thank you for empowering all of us girls and for reminding each and everyone one of us that we are hopeful, equipped, resilient and that we can do anything.

Serra Al-Katib

It was a very empowering experience having the opportunity to celebrate being a women with 100 other Grade 12 girls. I believe every single girl came away feeling stronger and with a greater sense of her own potential

Elizabeth Baird

I never knew what being in a room full of girls, and just talking, could do to my soul. I have never felt more empowered in my life. I am so happy that this program exists for myself, but also for girls in elementary school.

Tara Thompson

H.E.R. Scholar

Millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed every year in Canada. The fear of rejection and the unknown prevent our girls from even applying. We want to change that, because we believe in the power that comes from educating young women.


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Confidence & body image workshop I am HER

Workshop: Love Your Body & The Girl Within

Join us virtually April 29th with our friends Jenna Kress and Riley Lawson to talk about all things body image. We hope our participants leave appreciating the beautiful being they are from soul to skin.

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Every girl has the power to change the world. We're here to help #HER.

Love always, HER Crew